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Conservative Judaism

The word conservative has political connotations for many people. A better term is “conserving” rather than conservative. As in, conserving the best of Jewish tradition as we face unprecedented challenges.

Conservative Judaism is the partnership of head and heart. An abiding respect for our sources and an appreciation for our people and their needs.

Unlike Ancient Egypt and other civilizations, Judaism has always been about the ordinary person and our treasure is the Torah for every man and woman.

Rabbi William Fertig celebrating 66 years as a congregational Rabbi offered the secret to his service. A life of mitzvot has made my life better. Does Jewish observance give our lives meaning and purpose? If the answer is yes then being a Conservative Jew is a privilege.

We live in a world of unprecedented accelerated change such as has never occurred before. We’ve come from the Shoah to the state of Israel. We have become egalitarian and inclusive of LGBT.

As we move forward, we declare that our faith is not tired or worn out. A love of Judaism and of Jews, of keeping our sources alive along with insights of contemporary wisdom will hold us together if we remain true to ourselves.

Rabbi Raphael Adler

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