Rabbi Raphael Adler

Rabbi Raphael Adler is a learned Jewish scholar with excellent education credentials, a stellar reputation in the New York synagogues where he served and an astonishing family history in the Rabbinate.

But it’s his smile and sense of humor that will draw you in first. Then his sermons that inspire and inform. Then the hospital visits and encouragement calls you didn’t expect. Plus a thoroughly delightful rebbetzin who will steal your heart.

“My mother’s family lore says our rabbinic history goes back 50 generations to England and Russia,” he says. “I can attest firsthand only to my great grandfather and my grandfather, who was also my mentor. He taught me the Hasidic saying that there is only one requirement to be a congregational rabbi– you must love people. I try every day to keep faith with that lesson.” We love him back. We think you will, too.

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